A step ahead!

A step ahead!

Hi there!

We have been planning to do this for quite some time and now here it is! We, Alpha Defense have decided to take a step forward in the way we indulge ourselves in defence.

Please note going forward, https://alphadefense.in is where you will be finding our defense posts, both old as well as new ones. You can visit this site by clicking on the “Defense House” tab on the top right menu section.

This website www.alpha-defense.com will now onwards be a core technical platform where you can read about the technical nuances behind different defense systems and you can also understand the concepts underlying.

-Alpha Defense

2 thoughts on “A step ahead!

  1. I am one of your huge fan like a committed swayamsevak. You have simplify defence and your narrative is not driven by jingoism. One thing I really miss is your observation on how to deal with future challenges pose by asymmetrical warfare. What is the role of SSB? How do state police forces coordinate with central para-military forces more effectively and how to enhance human intelligence..? How do we effectively face the anti nationals masquerading as human rights activists? How do we deal with orchestrated riots or mob uprising instigated by intolerant victim card playing fundamentalists?

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